Why you should accept American Express

We've seen that look of horror on the face of a business owner or controller when the subject of American Express comes up. From the merchant's perspective, the card brand has long been associated with high fees, often climbing up to around 3.5%.

Small- and medium-sized businesses have long chosen not to accept Amex for that simple reason, but those days of high fees are over. You can now feel good about saying "Yes" to Amex.

Amex OptBlue is a new program that allows small- and medium-sized businesses to accept Amex at much lower rates, competitive with the mid-tier Mastercard and Visa cards on the market.

Signing up for OptBlue also means your Amex deposits and fee withdrawals will be bundled with your other card brands, and you'll only have one monthly merchant statement to deal with — all things your bookkeeper or accountant will appreciate.

Baseline Processing offers aggressive OptBlue pricing as part of our simple and transparent Cost Plus pricing model:

- 1.60% for transactions under $200, 500, or $1000, depending on your industry;
- Either 2.0% or 2.4% for transactions above those amounts, again depending on your industry type.

So, why should you accept Amex?

- People who use Amex as their primary card spend more per month on average than any other cardholder (almost double according to some figures). These are customers you want to attract to your business;

- Increased card acceptance means more happy customers. Why risk annoying a valuable customer by declining to accept their Amex?

- Amex is now cost effective to accept, and the one-statement approach simplifies reconciliation.

What if I already accept Amex? Can I switch to OptBlue?

- Yes. Drop us a line to discuss.