The payment processing industry is plagued by sales organizations looking for the quick buck, so we started Baseline with the vision of doing the opposite. Our goal is to build long-term relationships rooted in a customer-focused, solutions-driven approach.


Founded in Vancouver, BC in 2012, and now based in Vancouver and Nashville, TN, Baseline Processing is an Elavon Payments Partner & Registered MSP/ISO of U.S. Bank. With a large network of payment processing partners, Baseline delivers solutions across all payment environments, with a focus on the building supply industry, law firms, restaurants, and the marine industry. Baseline provides merchant services for more than 1,500 businesses across North America with more than $1 billion in annual transactions.


Paul Schulz
President / Co-founder

Paul entered the world of payment processing in 2007 after a successful career with HUB International as a commercial insurance broker focused on manufacturing and wholesale B2B selling. Frustrated with the lack of integrity in payments, he ventured out with Harris Morton to begin Baseline Processing in 2012. Paul is passionate about bringing simplicity and transparency to the industry.


Tom Bremner
Association Sales

Tom is a born salesman: He started his career finding lost golf balls and returning them to their owners — for a modest fee, of course. Passionate about education, today Tom helps Baseline’s many partner associations better understand merchant processing. Not quite the same as finding golf balls, but Tom assures us the skills are oddly transferable. Away from work he loves studying human behaviour and struggles to keep his golf habit under control.


Gary Sanders
U.S. Operations

Gary’s passion is building relationships with business and technology partners to find the proper solutions for his clients. He started his career as a Relationship Manager at Elavon — Baseline's major bank partner — cultivating a unique and encompassing perspective in the industry. He now heads up Baseline’s U.S. operations. Outside of work, Gary can be found hiking the mountains of East Tennessee or enjoying the vibrant Nashville music scene.


Mary-Ellen Mason
Business Development

Mary-Ellen passionately provides 30 years of business development experience to payment industry customers. Her commitment and dedication to customer’s requirements is second to none. Staying current with payment and business marketing technology, Mary-Ellen also finds time to raise two children, volunteer and participate in a variety of sports. Her motto: “I will sleep in my next life”.


Harris Morton
VP / Co-founder

With over ten years of experience in the merchant processing industry, Harris brings a customer-focused and solutions-based mindset to the team. Harris loves the challenge of adapting to the ever-changing world of payments, and Baseline's clients can attest to his persistence in customer satisfaction. When not in the office, Harris can be found fishing our local waters on his beloved Campion.


Marc Weber
Business Development

Marc enjoyed rewarding careers in communications and journalism before landing in payments. The common thread is his passion for building relationships based on trust and an attention to detail. Splitting his time between Salt Spring Island and Vancouver, Marc services clients all over the Lower Mainland and the Island, with a focus on the food & bev industry and card-not-present B2B space.


Tyler Massey
Business Development

An enthusiastic team player, Tyler joined Baseline after a 10-year career in financial services. He brings a great mix of technical know-how and a dedication to outstanding customer service. Based in Squamish, Tyler is focussed on helping merchants in the Sky-to-Sky corridor, as well as delivering solutions for the marine industry across the province. When not working, Tyler can be found in the mountains or on the ocean with his family.


Taelore Melnichuk
Business Manager

Taelore has a diverse background in business and sales. She thrives on problem solving and customer relations. When Taelore joined Baseline in 2014 she was excited to discover how much she enjoyed the credit card processing industry, and she’s been an invaluable contributor to Baseline’s growth. In her downtime, Taelore can be found searching for the best wineries in Naramata, formulating new recipes in the kitchen, and laughing at her own jokes.


Karen Foan
Human Resources

Karen has vast experience with recruiting and hiring both in Canada and the U.S. She takes pride in finding the best candidates to bring to the Baseline team. Her passion is providing the tools and direction to companies in order to achieve a cohesive staff. In her free time Karen’s ideal place to be is anywhere outside: skiing the local mountains; hanging at the beach; or playing ultimate at one of Vancouver’s many parks.

Support & Sales

Andrew Galang
Account Manager

Georgina White

Hugh Lalande
Inside Sales

Trevor Samuels
Sales Associate

Shawn Lang
Sales Associate

Henry Tai
Sales Associate

Why work with Baseline rather than direct with a major processor?

Baseline’s size, experience and large network of major processors, means we can deliver the right solutions to businesses of all sizes across all payment environments, and for great rates. There is nothing cookie-cutter about our solutions, service or pricing, and we do not engage in pricing games such as teaser rates, hidden fees or re-pricing. Furthermore, Baseline provides a level of advice, support, and personalized customer care that is beyond the scope of the big banks:

• A personal account manager who understands your business and is dedicated to you and your team

• The ability to contact us without fighting through a phone tree or the need to quote account numbers

• Access to industry experts to consult on any changes in your processing or integration needs

• Our full support in the event of a chargeback

Baseline's clients maintain a direct relationship with their processor, including 24/7 support, but we find that our clients always prefer to take advantage of the value added by our team.

How does Baseline get paid, and does it cost us more?

Baseline is compensated by the acquiring bank for clients that we bring on board. There are no additional costs to your organization as the banks pay us out of their revenue. You will not see a bill from Baseline, but you will have our team to support you through the setup process and for the life of our relationship. 

Does Baseline manage my funds?

Baseline does not collect, retain, nor manage your processing funds. Even if Baseline ceased to exist, your processing would remain in the hands of one of the largest and most reputable acquiring banks in North America.

Who are Baseline’s processing partners?

Baseline places deals with four of the six biggest payment processors in North America. The decision is a collaborative one with the client, but we will make strong recommendations based on our experience and your needs.

When will I see my money?

All the processors that Baseline works with have next-business-day funding into all the major banks in North America for transactions that are settled before 10 p.m. ET. Some clients might see same-day funding, depending on their processor/bank relationship. Some credit union customers might see two-day funding, but this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.